Two Tricks To Yoga


You may not be into Yoga but I bet you've heard of it. It's impossible to avoid because so many people are so into it these days. There's one reason that Yoga has become so popular around the world, and that is because it works, which means it makes people feel better.

There are two tricks to Yoga that make it especially effective at fixing pains and enhancing energy, which is why it makes people feel so much better. It has a holistic approach and when done correctly it demands concentration. 

Holistic in this sense means that Yoga is about being well-rounded, effecting the whole body by reaching all of the parts. Many of our Western exercise programs overemphasize certain body parts which ultimately creates imbalances. As well, most of the physical therapy and medical perspectives toward dealing with injuries revolve solely on the affected area, rarely taking into account surrounding issues that contributed to the problem. Yoga is never about the individual part, it is always about the whole, which is what makes it work so well. In order to get the best effect on as much of the whole as possible, it's important to know which poses you should be practicing, and how to do them correctly. 

If you aren't really into Yoga but you want to get it's benefits, you should practice the postures that target the full body. That way you practice a little and you spread the benefit throughout the whole body. If you have a knee problem or a bad neck, then you get one or two poses specifically for that issue, and have a couple basic ones that cover the whole body. There are certain Yoga postures that, when done correctly, give you much better results from 5 minutes of practice then others. 

If you start practicing and see that you want to get into it more, you should concentrate on the correct Yoga poses for beginners. These are the ones that, although not as interesting to the ego, build the proper foundation, which is really important in Yoga. If you learn the fundamentals well, a few things will happen that will take you far. One is your body will feel better because Yoga, when practiced correctly, fixes the body. It literally balances the imbalances. Another is that your mind will feel better, which is obvious right, because the body is getting fixed up. Less body pain equals happier mind, always. As well, all the good benefits will motivate you to practice more, which is always a very good thing. 

Knowing which Yoga poses to practice is half of what you need to be intelligent with your Yoga, and get the best results for the time you dedicate, whether that's 5 minutes a few days per week or a couple of hours per day. You have to do the right Yoga poses, but you also have to do them correctly. 

Ever notice how one of your hips is higher than the other, or more forward? Certainly if you look in a mirror and stand naturally you'll see one shoulder higher than the other. What you're seeing is your posture, the brilliant position your body figured out as you were growing into the person you are now. Although you never thought about gravity pushing down on you, all of the time, your body has had to deal with it, and your posture is the result. If you don't know what you're supposed to be doing in the Yoga poses, your posture will lead the way. The tightness and weaknesses of your body will determine how you do the Yoga poses, that's not good. You want the Yoga poses to fix those imbalances, rather than being dominated by them. Yoga should strengthen the weak areas and lengthen the tight areas, which can only happen if you practice correctly, not randomly. 

Practicing correctly means understanding what you are trying to accomplish with your body in the pose, and doing it. Everyone should have the same goal in every Yoga pose – to balance the body. But that's difficult when you don't even know what it means to have a balanced body, or what your specific imbalances are. That's why you want good teaching. Yoga should not be working your body into a position you see someone else doing, there should be very clear instructions that make complete sense and are doable. When you learn, for example, to keep your knees pointing straight ahead you learn what is correct. As you focus on that and do your best, you are balancing your body, and over time you see that one leg can do it easier than the other. Eventually you notice that  is connected to the hip problem you'd had for years. Learning the pose correctly not only helps you get the best benefit from your practice, it also teaches you about your own posture and how to balance it.

Yoga can help you feel better and accomplish the goals you have with your body and mind, the key is to start slow with the right postures, and learn them well. If you do only this you’ll immediately start getting the benefits that are making Yoga so popular world wide.

Christian Leeby has been a full-time Yoga instructor for over 2 decades. He has learned from the best teachers around the world and is an expert on correct alignment. Visit him at

Kill Your Love Handles With Insanity Workout


There are few things that have a more unfitting name given by people than the famous “Love handles”. Yes, not even the “Wisdom teeth” have a more non-deserved name than these little fat packs that annoy most or all of the people that are unfortunate enough to have a pair of them. Not only are they not loved, they sure are not good for handling anything either. And as for being love inspiring? Let's just say that the sight of them (from a front, side or rear view) is not the most pleasant thing the human body has to offer. So it is safe to say that anybody that has love handles wants to lose them.

Love handles can be attributed to many factors. Age certainly does not help when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat in our bodies, and sometimes genetics can play a big part on the way we look and the way our body shape is. But mostly, love handles are there because we have let them be there. And before someone tries to fool you and tell you that this or that exercise can target the fat in that area and reduce or eliminate your handles you must learn a fact: There are no “love handles exercises”. You can try all you want with these exercises but you will see no results.

The best way to get rid of those dreaded love handles is to reduce all your body fat. And if you know anything about exercise you know that the best way to eliminate fat from your body is with cardio. But cardio can be extenuating and even boring sometimes. And the results can take some time to start showing.

The Shaun T Insanity Workout program has proved results and can make you get rid of your love handles if you give it sixty days of continuous effort and commitment to get rid of your love handles and all the other extra body fat that you would like to get rid of. The reviews and before and after pictures don't lie! There is no other home workout out there that is so extreme and with such a demanding cardio routine. If you work out to this program for six days a week for two months, the continuous cardio routine will take their toll on your body and will shape it into something that resembles your dream body, a body that most certainly doesn't have love handles on it.

Break Plateaus and Finally Reclaim Those Abs

Break Plateaus and Finally Reclaim Those Abs

Break Plateaus and Finally Reclaim Those Abs

Losing weight, carving out a powerful physique, and otherwise claiming your health are goals that we all have, but the truth is that you will not always be able to reach for these goals in a linear fashion. You might go down the right road at first, only to find that you’re hitting a brick wall that refuses to budge.

Is the solution to curl up and go back to ice cream and cheesecake? Not at all, you future beefcake in training. You just need to learn how to break the plateau and reclaim those tight abs that you've always wanted.

Understanding the Plateau
What really constitutes a plateau? Generally speaking, it's all about the time. If you stop progressing for 3-4 weeks, that's understood as a stall or a plateau. If you stop moving forward in gains for a week, that's not a true plateau. A lot of things can affect performance, so it's important to explore all of the factors.

The Body, Electric!
We tend to move in plateaus when we do the same thing over and over in the gym, in the diet, and in life itself. When we know that we need to sleep more and we keep staying up all night to watch TV, plateaus tend to generate themselves.

Same when you know that you really need to stay away from the pizza and beer, but you indulge anyway. These are all things that might not make a difference here and there, but it adds up over time.

You need to jump back into the laboratory and explore the subject of you a little bit closer. You need to look at all of the different factors that indeed influence your body, including sleep, nutrition, stress levels, hormonal levels and even the exercise program that you’ve chosen.

Could Cycling Be Your Best Chance at Ripped Abs?
Everything in moderation–including moderation. That's the usual line when people start talking about fitness and exercise, but is that really the case?

We need to start looking at the way we train to figure out what's missing and what's not. Now, you might feel that you've really been hitting the gym hard–why aren't the abs coming?

You could be overtraining and not even realize it. If you find that your thirst for the gym is waning and even fading out fast, this could be your big sign. You also want to look at the nutrition side of things. Many people hunting for ripped abs aren't tracking, and they're doing themselves a disservice.

How can you improve anything when you have no baseline for activities already done? You have no idea how many calories you’re eating or how they're affecting you. That's a bad sign when you’re trying to tweak a program.

This means that if you are looking to truly keep a ripped physique, you’re going to have to track and measure results all of the time. If you don't, you will have a hard time getting anyone to really take you seriously, let alone try to help you. If you look at most of the leading bodybuilding and even regular fitness forums, stats and records are going to be the rule of the day.

Getting Back on the Wagon
You might feel a little frustrated when you find that your progress just isn't there anymore. Does that mean it's Congress? Not quite. :) There's always a new day, a new opportunity to improve. You don't have to feel like you'll never get those lean, ripped abs and that tire core that you want.

You may need to add some training days, or take some way. You might need to adjust your macronutrient profile and even the way you eat–meal timing can be pretty important, too. And we can't mention sleep enough. Even if you think that you’re getting enough sleep, you’re probably not really letting your body recover and heal. It's just as important to rest as it is to hit it hard in the gym.

The more you stress and obsess over your abs, the higher the likelihood that they won't appear. Cortisol is a mean, mean hormone and you don't want to mess with high levels of cortisol–inflammation and stress go hand in hand. When you're inflamed, you can't progress very well either. I wish you the best of luck in getting the abs you desire–don't let those plateaus get you down!

Les Mills PUMP Beachbody Workout Info You Need To Know

Guest post by Paul Atkins

Around the world  fans of Les Mills Body Pump were elated to find out their favorite cardio Body Pump class could now be accessed via an in home workout program. The Les Mills PUMP Beachbody workout is first of a kind workout, and bridges the gap between group class style exercises and in home “do it yourself” fitness DVD based videos.

Although only being a few weeks old, the Les Mills PUMP Beachbody workout  seems to be doing very well and especially among female exercisers. This is not much of a surprise as the major demographic for Body Pump is women. However don’t think this workout is anything but a heart pumping, 1,000 calorie per hour total body burn. The Les Mills Pump Beachbody program is much more and is ideal for the person who desires Body Pump class results but would rather skip the crowds and get their fix at home.

The Secret To Les Mills PUMP Beachbody Workout

The secret to this program lies in the balance between high repetition exercises and low barbell weight. No more than 20 to 25 pounds in total weight are used in the base kit of the Pump workout. The term used to describe the technique behind the program is called The Rep Effect.  This effect works contrary to typical weight training exercise. Instead of bulking you up, the combination of lower weight and higher reps helps get you lean, strong, and sculpted. The constant change in pace and tempo is also at the heart of the Rep Effect. By continually changing the speed at which you exercise you push your muscles to the point of fatigue while at the same time staying in a high heart rate zone.

What The Les Mills PUMP Beachbody Workout Comes With

Like all Beachbody fitness programs the Les Mills Pump workout comes with everything you need. You not only get the 7 workouts on 7 DVDs and a bonus core workout only available through certain sites, but you also get just the right balance of equipment. There’s not too much equipment; it’s comprised of a barbell that’s easy to fold away and two sets of plates weighing five pounds and ten pounds respectively. The deluxe version of the program comes with an extra set of ten pound plates and a step platform that comes with four risers plus three additional DVD’s.

Whether you get the base kit or deluxe kit you will get a nutrition guide called “Get Lean” along with a calendar that’s easy to follow, and an exercise guide that defines each move you do in the workout. All of these materials are useful because they keep you on track and help propel the results you will already be getting from the program. 

The ideal person for Les Mills PUMP is someone who may have heard of Body Pump before, may have even attempted a class or two, but because of a lack of confidence or inability to keep pace with classmates felt like Body Pump wasn’t for them. This in home version of Body Pump was designed to start you off slowly and allow your body to build up strength which in turn will help you build confidence. When strength and confidence are built up, the hope and expectation of both les Mills International and Beachbody is that anyone who uses this workout will then be able to try Les Mills Body Pump classes. If you think les Mills Pump will help you in achieving your fitness goals, why not give it a shot?

Fitness Programs Inspired by Criminal Workouts From Prison

Guest post by Elaine Hirsch

Working out can be overwhelming for many people. Stepping into a weight room, you'll find a plethora of weights, machines, and contraptions which can cause more confusion than the training they provide. Today, a shift towards working out with less equipment and free-flowing techniques, such as Zumba are becoming prominent. Another source of inspiration comes from the workouts used by prisoners, where according to Criminology Degree, the number of prisoners continues to increase year-over-year.

With little to do yet many spare hours to occupy oneself, a mental rigidity towards the training of your physical body is a natural outcome of this harsh environment. The best inspiration for creating a rock-hard body is staying alive. Borrow this mindset from the inmate and you will begin to sculpt a healthy body.

The best part of the prison inspired exercises is that they are all weight bearing. Meaning, one does not need barbells, dumbbells or big costly machines to create a solid steel body. These exercises use one’s own body weight and a space range of no more than 3' by 5.'

Find a sturdy bar that is higher than your own head and grasp tightly. Let your arms straighten as you hang. Then, slowly pull your chin up to meet the bar. Be sure to keep your elbows close to your body when you bring your chin up to the bar.

Seated Triceps
Sit on the floor with your legs in front, knees bent and feet on ground. Place each hand on floor alongside your buttocks with fingers pointed straight ahead. Situate yourself so you can lift your body up so only your hands and feet are touching the ground. With arms slightly bent, dip your body down and then up as you straighten arms.

Squat Jumps
Standing, bend knees and place hands on ground as if you are in a crouching position. Jump straight up and upon landing immediately resume the starting position. Attempt to touch the ceiling on your jump. Attempt to become as small and tiny as possible on your crouching position.

The classic push-up must be a part of the prison inspired workout. If you ignore all other upper body exercises, do this one every day. Push-ups work all the muscles in the back, chest and arms so daily sets of about 15 reps will work wonders for one’s state of rip-ness.

Yoga has given the exercise world some pretty great things but the Plank may be the ultimate exercise of all times. Begin the Plank as though you were attempting to do a push-up but do not dip down. Alignment is everything with the Plank so aim for a totally straight body in which your buttocks are not higher than your back or dipping towards the floor.

When one’s body is tended to, one’s soul becomes calmer and more at peace. The prisoner knows all too well the soul searching that is undertaken during those long periods of isolation. Carve out time every day to experience this soul work. Isolate yourself from the world around you, if only for 20 minutes. Finally, take time to give thanks for the freedoms you do have to do these workouts in your own space.